About CWP

Solarina Solar Park is part of CWP.

The company has extensive international and regional experience in the development of energy production capacities from renewable energy sources, primarily wind farms and solar parks. CWP has a holistic approach to project development and builds lasting relationship with local communities and stakeholders to ensure long-term success of its projects. CWP is dedicated to developing projects that will help decarbonize the region, increase the share of renewable sources in the energy mix and reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution.

CWP Global differs from most companies in a way that our activities cover the entire process of implementing a project: finding a site with suitable indicators, construction of the plant until its commissioning and its management.

Our unique approach to project development and management is a guarantee for our long-term commitment to all stakeholders. We are responsible for the project from the very beginning to its successful completion and subsequent long-term operation.

At each stage of a project’s development, we partner with landowners, the local community, technology providers, subcontractors, and work with local companies as a priority to innovate, ensure sustainable development and realize the potential of each project.