Solar parks generally contribute to improving the quality of the environment, because they do not emit harmful substances, but on the contrary contribute to reducing emissions of CO2 and other harmful gases and particles, which fossil fuel power plants would cause. Therefore, from the aspect of reducing CO2 emissions, the construction of solar parks and other facilities that use renewable sources in electricity production is desirable and that is why their construction in many countries is stimulated by special incentives.

The expected annual reduction of CO2 emissions through the Solarina project is 187,650 tons.

The solar park will in no case disrupt the flow of surface and groundwater. Since the solar park does not use any fuel, there is no danger of chemical pollution of watercourses and soil.

Respecting the necessary fire protection measures also prevents potential negative impacts on the environment.

A detailed regulation plan and Strategic Environmental Assessment Report have been carefully prepared in order to develop the project without any negative impact on the environment.