300,000 solar panels
150 MW installed capacity


The Solarina solar farm is a large-scale renewable energy project developed by CWP in Serbia’s Zaječar region.

The Solarina project is with an installed capacity of 150 MW. Given that the currently installed capacity of solar power plants in Serbia is less than 100 MW, Solarina will significantly contribute to the increase of existing capacities. It is sufficient to supply more than 65,000 households with solar energy which will support Serbia’s energy transition goals.


About the Project

CWP plans to build a solar park “Solarina” in the area of ​​the municipality of Zaječar with a maximum installed capacity of up to 150 MW. The beginning of the operational period is planned for the beginning of 2025.

The calculated expected annual production of the entire solar park is about 270 GWh, which is enough energy to supply more than 65,000 households with solar energy.

Solar energy produced in the solar park will have a great impact on reducing air pollution in the country and significantly contribute to the Republic of Serbia in achieving its energy goals when it comes to the share of total electricity from renewable energy sources. The production of electricity in the Solarina solar park will lead to an annual reduction of 187,650 tons of CO2 emissions in Serbia.

In addition to the positive impact on the environment, the socio-economic impact of the project will be very significant for the municipality, taking into account the fact that a significant part of the investment will be directed to the local community. This includes but is not limited to investments in: the purchase of land for the construction of the solar park, roads and transmission lines, sports, cultural and educational projects, as well as cooperation with local suppliers from various production and service industries.

The solar power plant is connected to the electric power system of Serbia in the city of Bor, to which a 17 km long transmission line with a voltage level of 110 kV will be built for the needs of the project. In order to make the most of the power of the sun, the construction of the power plant will use panels that have the ability to track the path of the sun (single axis trackers) and two-sided oriented solar panels. This advanced technical solution will contribute to the long-term efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the project.

In the realization of the project, CWP will be guided by the highest global and European standards, in order to contribute in the best possible way to the accelerated development of the municipality of Zaječar.


Solar park “Solarina” is located on the territory of the municipality of Zaječar. Its unusual shape consists of 3 units located in the Zaječar district of Salaš, Dubočine and Mala Jasikova.


Q1 2021
Start of development
Q2 2021
Initiative for a detailed regulation plan
Q4 2021
Grid study accomplished
Q2 2022
Urbanistic plan adopted
Q2 2024
Energy permit
Q2 2024
Environmental impact assessment study
Q3 2024
Building permit
Q3 2026
Commissioning & Commercial operation


CWP is committed to develop its projects the right way. In line with this, Solarina solar park is being constructed and operated in accordance with all relevant approvals and regulations.