Supporting elementary school through a valuable donation

Solarina, a subsidiary of CWP, continues to make significant contributions to the local community, this time by donating to the Jovan Jovanović Zmaj Elementary School in Salaš. The donation encompasses teaching and IT equipment, as well as sports gear. The provided equipment will enhance the teaching process and enrich children’s activities within the school, aiming to establish a more modern and interactive environment that will inspire both educators and students alike.

CWP actively attends to the needs and development of children and young individuals through a variety of initiatives, spanning education, culture, arts, and sports. The donation to the elementary school in Salaš represents just one among several forms of support for the community within the region where the company develops its renewable energy projects. As a reminder, in May, Solarina organized a small ecology school named “Eco Academy,” hosting workshops focused on subjects like bees, honey plants, and the flora and fauna indigenous to our regions. The event brought together preschoolers and students from the first to fourth grade of the Jovan Jovanović Zmaj Elementary School.